How Often to Water Cactus?


The most important point about watering the cactus is not giving too much water than enough. Like it’s being in a lot of plants, the best watering method is checking the moist of soil. Our main rule is not to watering cactus as long as the soil is not dry.

And another point is weather. When you decide watering the cactus, it’s recommended to make sure that the weather is sunny and giving plenty of water enoughly at one.

The growing area is important to how often to water cactus

Cactuses don’t love airless and humid environments. Because of due to their nature, they need dry air. If the humid level of the air is high, the plant is affected of that air negative.

With a more basic definition; summer, autumn and spring months provide the most suitable weather conditions for growing cactus.

watering cactusIf you are try to grow cactus in your home, the best environment for your plant will be your garden. It’s risky to try growing cactus indoor. Because this plant needs outdoor.

Therefore; if your cactus does not bloom even though you did everything correct for your cactus that placed indoor, the source of this problem is most probably about being moisty of the environment.

Because due to moist environment, water accumulates in the spines can prevent the cactus from growing and cause it to die.

The another point is fertilizer quality

how often to water cactus

Finally, it should be noted that; If the cactus’s fertilizer is of good quality, the cactus will be stronger.

Fertilizer is also important for the healthier development of the cactus. There are quite good artificial fertilizers developed specifically for cactus on the markets.

By using these fertilizers correctly, you can ensure the healthy development and flowering of the cactus.

For the fertilize process, making the fertilizing process in right time is also important. The most ideal time of use is expressed as “spring months”. In this way the  get more positive results rate will be high.

Never fertilize during the winter months. Because the fertilization done at these times can damage the plant.

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