How Often to Water Orchids?


There are a lot of variables about how often to water orchids. To decide best frequency of watering we need to take into account these variables.

But if you are asking for general watering frequency the answer can be “watering in every 4-7 days”.

If we handle this thread from an objective perspective we can find certain answer by taking into account the place where has been placed the orchid.

Because; even if there are a lot of different effectives that effect the watering frequency one of the main ones is moisture. As long as the moisture increases, inversely proportional the watering need decreases.

There is a reliable way to decide best time period for wateringHow often to water orchids?

Looking the color of air roots is one of the best ways. Being lively green means that your orchid doesn’t need water for now. But if you notice a color like gray and even if it is “a little bit”, this is an important sign about that your plant needs some water.

After watering, it’s ideal to begin checking the air roots of the orchid after 4 days. Because if you watered your plant enoughly (watering till the water begin to flowing from the holes under the pot is enough), your plant will be strong to stay at least 4 days. That’s why you don’t need to check it out for daily after you have watered.

Deciding a frequency watering time

By taking into account the method that we have mentioned above you can also decide the frequency of watering orchids.

Namely; if the air conditions and the place of your orchid are don’t change, as a naturally the watering frequency also doesn’t change.

So; as long as these conditions don’t change, you can stick up to the same watering frequency and this is the most reliable answer for the question “how often to water orchids”.

And there is a youtube video about how often to water orchids.

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