How Often to Water Succulents?


how often to water succulentsWatering frequency is so important that can affect your health of plants directly. While deciding how often to water succulents; you need to take into account to the place of your plant.

Because the watering frequency changes according to the place of the plants. Firstly we need to look that are plants are placed at indoor or outdoor?

The main reason of changing  watering frequency according to location is all about the sun lights. The succulents that are placed in outdoor need more watering.

How often to water succulents that are placed indoor?

The watering frequency for the succulents that are placed indoor is depends on the status of soil. If the soil is dry you can water it till the water beginning to flow from the ground of plant.

watering succulents

After complete this process it’s ideal to wait about 1 week. After 1 week you need to check out the status of the soil.

Briefly the status of the soil gives us a sign about the time of watering. That’s why before watering, checking the soil status is best.

The status of the soil is related to seasons. Therefore in Winter if it is being enough watering weekly, the watering frequency increases and can be 2 times in a week with nearing the spring and summer.

How often to water succulents that are placed outdoor?


There are being many factors that affected on watering frequency and the effects of the factors can observe according to the location of plants.

For a plant that is growing outdoor there is needed more water. Especially if it has been positioned at a sunny place that doesn’t be shadow all of the day.

The watering frequency for these succulents is also same; by checking the ground, you can decide easily. The dry soil is always meaning “it needs water”.

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Moreover you can watch this video for how to water succulents.

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