How to Create and Care For a Terrarium?

People who have narrow space generally think that they cannot feed flowers. However, you don’t need a huge garden, balcony, or even a window to add color and greenery to your life. You can grow a world in small aquariums, jars, and special glasses by turning to a terrarium, which is the fashion of recent years. The important thing is to know how to take care of these beings that are different from classical flowers.

Top Factors for Terrarium Care

These creatures, which almost have their own small ecosystems, add a difference to every environment they are in. With the right care techniques, they can grow as you wish without any problems. For this, you first need to analyze the needs of the plants and the characteristics of the environment.

The most important element for plants is light. In general, the plant must be exposed to natural daylight in order to grow in a healthy way. You should also be careful not to get direct sunlight. Insufficient light causes leave to grow differently. Too much light dries the plant. You can choose a product that can increase the amount of light level by level.

How to Create and Care For a TerrariumAlthough terrariums are very easy to maintain, the soil of the plants should be changed at least every two years. The type of soil to be used depends on the type of plant. If you are going to grow succulents and cacti, you should prevent the soil from holding too much moisture. The excess moisture will damage the roots of the plant, causing it to rot. To prevent this, you can use the soil by mixing it with sand and stone.

Although your terrarium is small and narrow, a few points need to be made for proper terrarium care. It can be difficult to remove dying flowers or leaves from the environment. However, cleaning is essential in order not to damage other leaves. You should also clean the surface of the glass without using chemicals.

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