How to prune fruit trees?

How to prune fruit trees? You will learn that after this text.

Fruit tree pruning is important. Because, if you dont prune the broken, bruised, disease, frequent and curved branches , it may cause some peroblems. Also you can give proper shapes to trees with prunning. Further fruit trees in high quality bloom and fruit intake to a large extent affects. The ornamental trees and shrubs in the gardens can keep in their shapes and beauties with Pruning Shears.

How to prune fruit trees correct ?

  • Dont prune close to the sproud !

Try to dont prune too close to sproud. You can kill the sproud. But not too far.

  • Pruning towards the direction you want the branches to grow.

Each branch has sproud that are oriented at different angles. Make your cut out on the sproud because you want the new development to be alive and away from the center of the tree. This will allow your tree to grow in a broad manner.

Types of pruning for fruit tree

  • Pruning Pear, Plum and Cherry Trees

In these trees center pruning type is applied. This type of tree has a pyramid shape, and as the highest point lies a single leader branch.  This leading branch is the newest extension of the tall trunk that grows upward and rises all the side branches. Like all strong growing branches, you should  direct back the leading branch each year.  The sprout at the top of the leader branch produces a new strong leader branch, and should not be allowed to grow any longer than any other shoot. The side branches should be selected from the sprout extending from the leading branch. They should be in the range of 10-15 cm vertically.

  • Pruning Apple Trees

Center pruning type is applied for pruning apple trees too. You can use of that type for pruning old apple trees and dwarf apple trees.

  • Pruning Apricot , Peach, Nectarine and  Japanese Plum  Trees

if you prune these trees to form a vase, they become the most productive. Such trees should not have the central leader. The selection and preservation of three to five main branches rising from the body controls to the shape of the tree. These branches should be oriented at different angles and should be removed less than 45 cm and not higher than 90 cm.  Pruning as shown in the picture to ensure a balanced growth between the main branches.

  • Pruning Unbranched Trees

Planting time 71 – 91 cm from the ground up to the height of the pruning. When new branches grow from 7.5 to 12.5 cm, choose a sprout to be the leader and to form the skeleton of the branches.

When to prune fruit trees ?

Pruning in fruit trees, usually during the winter rest period is not very cold weather. At the end of winter the trees can be continued until they wake up.

In the regions with very cold winters after pruning the pruning to prevent damage to the pruning areas; but the trees should do before they wake up.

Fruit trees can be pruned at the beginning of summer except in the winter months, provided that they are not as hard as winter months. Pruning in this period is made to shape the young trees. This pruning can be in the form of bending, tipping, angle expansion or contraction. At the beginning of summer, in old trees, dilution of the branches is made to ensure that the inner parts receive light, but not excessive. In this pruning, some of the branches that develop close to each other in the end parts of the branches are removed. At the end of the main branches, the remaining branches of the main branches can be weakened by leaning on the remaining ones.

  • How to Prune Fruit Trees Out of Season

Sometimes it can break through the wind or too much fruit load, and in such cases, pruning should be done if not full season. Emergency response is mandatory! Pry the irregular edges backwards so that there is no cut-out. Instead of waiting until the winter, fast-growing “gluttonous branches” you can prune as soon as you see.

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