How to Water Orchids?


Before to start watering the orchids the plant has been placed into a pot that has its holes at the under. There are two main ways to how to water orchids.

The first way; watering directly

The first one is watering directly via over its air roots. The “air roots” that we have mention is the roots that you can see on the ground of the plant clearly. (We don’t mention the main roots that are deep in the pot.)

While watering, you need to take care of touching the water to the leaves. Our target need to be air roots only. Go on watering till the water begin to flow from the holes that under the pot and this wil be  enough.

The second way; sitting it in a container

The second way is sitting the pot completely to the a container that has been filled water.

After then we need to wait for 2-3 minutes. During this time the orchid will has been take water that it needs to live.

The frequency of watering orchids

Like other plants we decide also watering time of orchids by taking notice of ambient conditions.

The main rule while watering an orchid is being kind to the roots as possible as. The roots of an orchid can be thought as living vessels that is providing its live.

In addition this the roots give us a hint about watering time. By considering the color of the roots we can understand that does it needed to watering or not.

Look at the color; is it lively green or gray green?

– If it’s gray green that means watering is needed.

– If it’s lively green that means your plant doesn’t need the water right now.

Since the frequency of watering orchids will change by the place that you prefered to grow it, the best way to deciding the frequency of the watering orchids is taking into account the color of air roots.

You can read ” How often to water orchid? ” article for more detail about frequency.

And there is a good youtube video about how to water orchids.

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