How to Water Succulents?


succulents typesHow to water succulents there is some important details to take notice about watering succulents. If you didn’t know these details, your succulents can be affected negative at the result of your process. Also how often to water succulents is very important but this article about how to water so if you dont know to how often to water you should read “how often to water succulents?

The main thing that you need to know to water succulents correctly and balanced is watering according the being place of the succulents. The places separates to two main groups as indoor and outdoor.

How to water succulents that are placed indoor?

Firstly you need the check out the moisture status of soil. If it’s moist or wet, this is meaning that your plant doesn’t needed to water right now. Especially if you have watered it like 4-5 days ago the possibility of being still wet is high.

If it’s dry, you can water it freely. It will be enough to watering it till the water begin to flow from the bottom.

How to water succulent that are placed outdoor?

The watering sign for succulents that are placed outdoor is hidden in the ground. Namely; by touching the ground of the plants with your fingertips you can check. If the soil is dry, it’s time to watering.

how to water succulents

While watering you need to take care to the structure of your plants. You need to be gentle as possible as you can especially for the body of the plant. Out of the body you need to water the soil on the ground also.

Watering in ideal ratio will make provide staying strong your plants. For the plants that has been placed in a pot it’s ideal to watering till the all of the pot is wet.

And there is a good video about how to water succulent?

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