Steps to Start Grow Indoor Plants at Home

Home gardening is an indispensable habit for nature lovers who want to grow indoor plants at home. Cultivating plants at home may seem a difficult endeavor, in fact, the essence of the work is a little patience and labor …  Here is a step-by-step guide to plant growing at home …

1-) Decide which indoor plant to grow at home

The shape and function of the plant you grow at home is important.  You can grow some plant species to decorate the house or you can grow some plants that you can eat.Firstly, you should make a decision about this. You can also read our article on ‘plant species that can be grown at home’. Things to consider when buying plants

2-)Choosing an planting your plant or seed for growing at home

grow plantYou can grow the plants from seed if you like, or you can buy a seedling bundle by going to a plant shop. You can also boy on internet too. The decision is up to you.If you are going to receive seedlings, make sure that the leaves are not yellow or brown, but green. Make sure the roots are yellow or white. If you are growing from seed, make sure you get good quality seeds. The seeds of home-grown herbs are usually very small. Add these seeds to a suitable soil filled with soil, spaced apart, and add enough soil to cover them a little. Remember that small seeds should not be buried too deep.

3-)Find pot for plant or seed

The size or depth of the pot is important for your plant.However, it is also important to have a decor for your home window or balcony. You can see the flower pot as a complement to your room. You can find flower pots in nurseries or home stores. Also you can decorate a box or can with a brush or ribbon that you can find in your own work.
Our text first half finished. But if you like that , you can keep going with that :  Next steps to start growing indoor plants at home
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