Aphid – What is Aphid?


what is aphid

What is aphid, briefly; they are the bugs that are feeding from plants. For this reason they are one of the most important barrier at the stage getting looking beautiful plant. To save your plants before they destroyed because of aphids, you need to take precaution as soon as possible.

To understand more clearly the danger we need to take notice the function of this insect. The main function of this bug is its sucking the fluids that including important components to grow of the plant. These bugs makes this job via the leaves.

Is aphid an insect?

Yes, it is. Aphids are insects and they are belongs to the superfamily Aphidoidea. They love to colonize like as ants. They are really good at doing this. But of course there is some ways to get rid of aphids. We had been mentioned the ways in another post.

It’s possible to get rid of these insects by applying the ways that we have mentioned even if they already have been colonized on your leaves of your plants that has been placed indoor.

To get rid of aphids it’s needed to preferring the right way


For some people applying chemical drugs directly on plants is can be thought like it is a super fast solution but because of there are many natural ways, this opinion must be stay always as a last chance in minds. Otherwise due to using the chemical ways the plants can be affected as negatively and this affect can be permanent.

You can give more information about get rid of aphids with “How to get rid of aphids?” post.

Identfication of aphids

Aphids are a small, stalk-absorbing group of bug species among the most destructive pests of crops.The size of aphids may range from about 0.04 to 0.4 inches and may be in green, black, red or white variants. The most common aphid in the home gardens is green and about one millimeter in length. Also there are two whip-like antennas at the top of the head.

There are more than 4,000 types of aphids distributed throughout the world. Some aphid species can develop wings.

And there is a good video about what is aphid and identification.

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