Fungus Gnats – What is a Fungus Gnat?


what is fungus gnatOutside of its scientific definition, with more easier definition; the little black gnats that are benefiting from your house plants are named as “fungus gnats”.

The fungus gnats are noticed while watering plants in generally. It’s easy to see those by looking closer to the soil of the plants.

In generally; the main reason of seeing a fungus gnat in a house plant is has been placed that plant in outside. Even if it has been placed outside for a short time only, the risk possibility is high.

Why fungus gnats are harmful for plants?

Actually, the harmful effects of them are related to strength level of the plant that have been haunted by them. If we are mentioning about a plant that has no strength roots, the being affected  possibility is high. But the stronger plants are always stronger.

But even if your plants so strong enough to resist, you need to do something to rescue your plants from these gnats. Otherwise the result is gonna be bad and in every watering process you will have get the problem like flying of these gnats to on your face.

How to get rid of fungus gnats?fungus gnat

Luckily it is not impossible or difficult to get rid of these gnats. One of the most easiest ways to do it is mixing some soap to some water and spraying the mixture to on soil everyday regularly.

Out of this solve method there are also many other ways to get rid of fungus gnats. But if you don’t get a noticeable result, we recommend to you trying other ways. You can find more information about that in that post that we have been posted about the ways getting rid of fungus gnats.

Whatever method you are using, please give some time to your plant. According to method that you have preferred the effect duration can be change. That’s why checking the plant day by day is best.

Identification of a fungus gnat

They are usually found in humid environments. They are commonly found in plant pots in houses. It is estimated that there are more than tens of thousands of species waiting to be discovered.These flies are black and have dark wings. They usually have a length of 0.04 to 0.3 inches. It has also long legs and has 8 or 16 section antennas. Additionally there are a small worm-like white larvae.


And there is a video about fungus gnats 

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