House Plant Pests

If you have a garden at home or if you have only a few house plants, you will need to fight with plant pests for a period of time as you look at your flower. Plant pests usually do not pass to people but your plants look unhealthy and they can also cause yellowing and weakening of the leaves. In this article, you will find information about the causes of house plant pests , the most common house plant pests and ways to deal with them.

Causes of pests in house plants

No matter how experienced you are in the field of indoor plant care, you cannot prevent the plants from becoming infected at certain intervals. In this case, the best thing you can do is to save your plant from insects and pests as soon as possible.

In fact, when you first buy the plant and bring it home, your plant already has pests. There are many ways in which pests can be transmitted to the plant. Because plants create a natural environment where pest can feed and grow and multiply.

Such is the rule of nature, but you do not want these pests rightly in your house and on your plant. Additionally, if you leave your plant with these bugs and pests for a long time, they will eventually become very weak and die. Therefore, you should do the necessary interventions as soon as you see the number of pests.

Some house plant pests and insects



Aphids are the most common insect species in indoor plants. The aphids which are quite small can be in red, green and black colors and have long legs. Aphids fed with water from newly opened leaves. Another white-colored beetle called Whiteflies leaves the larvae under the leaves. Mealy bugs is the most common insect species in house plants.  1-2 of these insects can multiply rapidly, though not strong enough to damage your plant. And they can weaken your plant in a short time.

Control the pests in the house plant

To control pests in your indoor plants, you should use pesticides that contain the least amount of harmful chemicals. Because toxin substances in herbal medicine can damage you as well as your plant.House plant pests There are different types of drugs to combat all plant pests. For this reason, you should give information about the species of your insect and buy the appropriate medicine. Read and follow the instructions for use of the drug. You should use gloves to protect yourself when using the medicine. After using the medicine, you can wash your hands and face with plenty of water.

Protection from house plant pests

As I said at the beginning of the article, if you are looking for plants in the interior, you fight with plant pests for a period of time.  However, with some measures, you can expand the range of appearance of these insects. If a plant is insect, you should take it to  different location so that it does not enter other plants. This applies to the plants you have just brought home. When you receive a new plant place it at least 10 days before placing it next to other plants.

You can check pest control tips category for some solutions.

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