How to Get Rid of Aphids?

aphid controlFirstly if you want to general information about aphids, you can read our “Aphid-What is aphid?” post before you read this post.

Aphids are prone to be colonized that’s why applying a radical solution is important.

Actually there is different ways to get rid of aphids and one of the practical one of these ways is mixing some water with some liquid that has prevent affect to the aphids.

You might have found out or heard different recommendations in different sources about the liquid that you need to mix with some water. In this post we will handle the natural ones only.

How to get rid of aphids naturally?

get rid of aphids

There is some mixture solution recommendations about the question how to get rid of aphids naturally. To get ridof aphids naturally you can mixture some water with one of these materials; vinegar, black pepper, tomato juice, garlic, salt.

Because of each material that has been recommended above is natural, the result to you get is gonna be natural also.

While you are applying the solution, notice about that you need to apply the water with a sprayer that is not gonna be hurt the leaves.


Another way to get rid of aphids

There is also another way to get rid of aphids then the way. The another way is mixing insecticide with some water and applying it like we have been said before.

how to get rid of aphis

The insecticide can be a product that have been improved to kill aphids particularly or can not be. This is not important. The important one is having its killing power to the bugs.

By considering these applying ways you need to apply the solution one after other 2-3 days of week for 2 weeks. After this period you’ll notice the healing.


And there is a video about How to control aphids and how to get rid of aphids?

That video is very useful for control aphids. You should watch it 🙂

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