7 Flower Suggestions to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

With 7 flower suggestions that will attract butterflies to your garden, you can have a magical garden where tiny wings fly. It is also possible to create a flamboyant and environmentally friendly garden by making room for the plants that butterflies like in your garden.

Plants that attract butterflies are among the plants that butterflies cannot resist due to nectar in their flowers. Having plants that attract butterflies in your garden both contributes to the life cycle of these creatures and increases the energy of your garden. Here are 7 flower suggestions to attract butterflies to your garden.

1) Flame flower (Phlox)

Flame flowers are a spreading plant species that bloom all summer and form a cover above the ground. Perennial varieties will be excellent as a ground cover for a year. With its appearance, it is possible to grow flame flowers from seeds, which will steal your heart as well as butterflies.

2) Tree enamel (Lantana)

Tree enamel is a wonderful plant that tiny, glamorous flowers in various color shades open in clusters. It is usually grown annually. Additionally to butterflies and bees love this plant with high temperature resistance

3) Blue dahlia (Amsonia)

The blue star is a perennial plant, whose height can reach almost one meter. Also It creates an extraordinary beauty in your garden with its blue and star shaped flowers opened in spring.

4) Marigold (Marigold) 

Marigold flowers are an eye-catching plant that is extremely easy to grow with vibrant orange, yellow or red colors. It is one of the most familiar types of flowers that attract butterflies. The flowers of the plant last up to eight weeks in the summer and develop quickly.

5) Lavender (Lavender)

Lavender is one of the plants that butterflies love as much as hobby gardeners.Tall purple flowers emit an amazing fragrance. It adapts perfectly to the Mediterranean climate and can be stored by drying. You can also grow lavender in your garden and cheer up with butterflies.

6) Blue steamer smoke (Ageratum)

Blue steamer smoke makes a difference in your garden with its extraordinary color.Plants grow easily from seed and continue to bloom from mid-summer to the first frosts, with enough water and a small amount of shade.

7) Yıldızpati (Aster)

Dahlia flower is from the daisy family. It has a variety of colors, is a perennial herbaceous plant. They open profusely in sunny places in late summer and autumn. Further to color the gardens and attract butterflies, the starry flower will be the right choice.

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flame flower
Flame flower (Phlox)
Tree enamel (Lantana)
Tree enamel (Lantana)
Blue dahlia (Amsonia)
Blue dahlia (Amsonia)
Marigold (Marigold)
Lavender (Lavender)
Lavender (Lavender)
6) Blue steamer smoke (Ageratum)
Yıldızpati (Aster)
Yıldızpati (Aster)

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