Air-purifying Plants to Nasa for Indoor

You can enhance your home with the list of air-purifying plants to NASA for indoor and also increase the amount of oxygen in the interior. Furthermore, these plants, which are very easy to care and grow, clean the air of the house and remove harmful substances such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.

1-) Spider Plant

Firs one of the air-purifying plants to Nasa is spider plant. One of the easiest flowers to grow! The tall, pointed leaves grow easily and occasionally give the little puppies from long branches. You can grow the ribbon flower in a bright place. Thus the stronger the light, the better your flower will grow and plenty.


A tropical plant with almost forty different species, Draceana is one of the most preferred plants in homes. No need for intense light, benzene in the air of your home, helps to clean harmful substances such as formaldehyde.  But since the leaves are poisonous, it may not be a suitable plant for you if you are feeding cats and dogs at home …


Benjamins, a tiny tree with small leaves, are one of the indispensables of the salon plants. The bigger you put in a flowerpot, the bigger they become a tree. Further, During the summer months, these trees can also live outside. They help to clean the house when this trees are indoor.


One of the most suitable air-purifying plants to Nasa to grow at home with its elegant white flowers is the sail flower. Easy to maintain, almost summer-long flowering and useful for a spacious home …


Plenty of water-loving Nephrolepis, actually a kind of forest plant. This plant, which you can grow even in the places that do not have direct sunlight in your home. Also it can decorate your room for long years if it is protected from excessive heat or cold.

6-)SansevieriaAir-purifying plants to Nasa

Sansevieria is the kind of plant we’re used to seeing in the houses. Also known as the Prophet sword. Easy to maintain, does not want too much light and water. Moreover, according to a legend, if you grow from this flower and extend the length of a meter, you are the host! Even if this isn’t true, it’s a fact that your house air is cleaned.

7-)Bamboo Palm

Stylish mini-tree for your interior. Unless you are exposed to excessive sun, you can live long years.Bamboo Palms are also perfect for improving the air of the house.

Air-purifying nasa plants were so much. You can read more article about types of plants to here.


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