Best Plants For a Vegetable Garden


Best plants for a vegetable gardenThere are different vegetables you can choose to create a vegetable garden. In addition, it is necessary to make the planning for the vegetables garden correctly. In this article, we will talk about what are the most ideal vegetables for a vegetable garden and what should be considered when creating this vegetable garden.

If you have not owned a vegetable garden for many years, it is recommended that you start with a vegetable garden that is easier to maintain. Because it is very difficult to deal with vegetable gardens that contain large and different vegetables.

Before choosing vegetables for the garden, you need to plan. Planning; It covers information such as daily working time, seasonal conditions, fertilization processes. It is best to write down all this information and make a daily schedule that is possible for you.

What vegetables are grown in the vegetable garden?

It is possible to grow many different vegetables in the garden, but some compatibility criteria must be taken into account.

Two important criteria;

– Not all vegetables are grown in all regions. Therefore, you should choose vegetables suitable for your region.

– Not all vegetables are suitable for all seasons. Therefore, it is necessary to consider weather conditions when choosing vegetables.

By taking these two important criteria into account, you can choose the best vegetables for your garden. If you wish, you can get vegetable recommendations for your garden by contacting an expert.

What should be considered in the vegetables garden?

In fact, there are many rules to be observed, but the important ones are as follows;

– You can plant vegetables belonging to the same family side by side in the same soil.

– The garden should not be far away and irrigation should be easy.

– If you remove the weeds, your vegetables will grow faster and be more efficient.

– It is important for vegetables to see the sun in the morning.

The soil should not be too wet or too dry. Balance must be achieved.

– You should not plant the same vegetable in the same area two years in a row.

All these tips are the most important details that will help you while at the stage creating the perfect vegetable garden.

Good example for vegetables garden on youtube video 

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