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Different types of flowers grown at home add color and energy to our house. We have collected information about some of these different types of flowers and we will also give you a variety of information about this.

1-)Wall Vine

Fast growing, medium-large-sized leaves with a variety of flowers.Suitable for growing in hanging pots. It needs filtered, bright light. If the light is low, it grows weak.The soil should be moist, but not excessively wet. Cut the stem from the trunk for replication.



This flower, which usually opens on holidays, has taken its name for this reason. Although the color of the flowers vary, it is mostly pink and red. It needs indirect and bright light. Watering should be given importance during flowering times and soil should be dried between irrigation. After the flowering finish, the soil should be a little drier.



It is a flower with beautiful colors and silky leaves. In the garden can grow on the ground in pots or without pots. It needs indirect and bright light. It loves moisture, but the soil should not dry between irrigation. Also If it stays in the water, the root can rot. It can multiply by cutting the branch. Additionally he wants a flowerpot change every year.

4-)Dracaena massangeana


It is a large plant variety with long and wide leaves from the body. Thus, It can also be extend up to 240-300 cm. It has dark green leaves with light green lines on it. It may live at low light level, but it is slow to develop. Irrigation should be watered thoroughly, so as to dry the soil. Furthermore, if it feels too dry, the leaves turn brown.

5-)Corn plant

It is a common plant variety. It is easy to maintain and can additionally fill large areas comfortably.


It has large leaves in green, pink, red, yellow and orange colors. Also, the same flower may have leaves of different colors and types. The colors of the plant change as they mature. It needs at least 4 hours of daylight. The soil should generally remain moist. It should not expose to extreme heat. If the soil is too dry or wet, the leaves will fall.

7-)Ficus Benjamina

Ficus benjamina

This tree is very ideal and popular for home. It has different shapes and colors. It has medium-sized showy leaves. Furthermore it can grow to 60-90 cm. To give shape to the tree can be pruned by simply leaving a branch. This kind of plant is often seen in shopping malls. It likes bright, indirect light. If it loses its leaves, it must be patient. Thus they will come out again in the appropriate environment. Additionally very dry soil causes problems in the plant.


It has the property of spreading and it can also overflow out of the flowerpot. It adapts to different conditions and is easy to maintain. She likes the light from the middle to the bright. Watering should be watered thoroughly to dry the soil. Also, the root of the pot should be watered to prevent the root from decaying.

9-)Heart leaf philodendron

Heart leaf philodendron

One of the most common house plants. It is seen with different shapes, sizes and growing shapes. It is a type of plant that has the ability to climb and is adapted to various environmental conditions and thus easy to maintain. Can live in low light and dry weather. However, it is best to allow the soil to dry in between, by doing moderate light and regular watering.


Different types of flowers

Last one of different types of flowers is cycas. If grown in pots, it is usually short and 7.5-10 cm in length. This plant develops slowly, but its length may be too long and reach 90 cm. Drawn, bright light, need moist soil.



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