Different Types of Flowers Grown at Home

Different types of flowers grown at home add color and vitality to our house.They also have the ability to clean our halls and all the air in our house. We talked about this in our article ‘Air-purifying plants to Nasa for indoor‘. In that article we talked about the plants that NASA has examined in general. But in this article, we have expanded the scope slightly. And we talked about some different types of flowers and growing that can grow at home.

Here you go …

Different types of flowers1-)African violet

First of diffrent types of flowers is african violet. It is traditionally one of the most popular living room flowers in homes.Also It has velvety leaves growing around the flower. It has a compact structure and is ideal for windows and other small spaces. African violet loves bright light and high humidity. Irrigation should do so that the soil surface remains dry.Also, since the flowering season is long, regular watering will keep the flower strong and healthy.



Anthurium is a different type of plant preferred for abundant greens. Maintenance is very easy if the required environment is provided. Anthurium requires light between medium and high brightness.But They should not take direct sunlight.

They need moist and non-wet soils. Thus If the air is dry, it will be appropriate to moisten the spray.



Leaves are on the trunk when they are young. The leaves are green or white to light green in color and are arrow shaped. As they mature, they become more rounded. They need bright and filtered light. They should be watered and allowed to dry between irrigation.Also It grows better in humid air.


There are small needles on arched and inclined 45-60 cm long. İt likes the light bright and indirectly. It must be watered so as to allow the soil to dry between the surrounding areas and the irrigation. If it dries too much, the leaves turn yellow and fall. For pruning, the long branches in the speck must be cut. Further this type of flower in front of the windows, if branches extend , it provide a beautiful decoration home. This flower can also grow inside the house as well as outside.



Its leaves are large, green, with yellow dots on it. It needs direct sunlight for around 4 hours a day. It likes moisture, but it doesn’t like very wetness.Also It should not dry or wait too long in water.

Birdsnest6-)Bird’s nest

There are large leaves that resemble bird eggs.Also It is easy to grow and can reach large sizes in a short time.Can live in low light. Water should be watered thoroughly, allowing the soil to dry. It likes cold weather, but it doesn’t like dry weather.

Fern of hall7-)Hall of Ferns

It is one of the most popular among the ferns. It adapts easily to the environment. At the intermediate level, it needs direct light. Water should be watered thoroughly, allowing the soil to dry.But If the amount of light is low, the leaves of the flower dry and fall.


Last one of the diffrent types of flowers is caladium. The leaves, which are beautiful, wide and partly paper-thin, can be of different shapes and colors. Most of them have green, pink, red, creamy leaves. It needs at least 4 hours daily sunlight. They usually love the moist environment. If the soil dries partially in the autumn and winter months, it becomes easier for the flower to enter the sleeping state during the cold and dark months.Also every year it wants a flowerpot change. In warm climates, the garden can grow as a long-lasting flower.

We couldn’t fit all the different types of flowers in an article. But if you like it, you can also read the article ‘different types of flowers grown at home 2 ‘.


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