Leaves Turn Red in Autumn

You can understand that the summer season is over with the leaves that start to fall off. The sun is no longer so burning and uncomfortable. The gently blowing wind creates a romantic ambiance. Also, the leaves turn red in this season. This color makes you feel like you are in a fairy tale. By learning which plant species change color according to the season, you can make your gardening arrangements accordingly.

Why Do Tree Leaves Turn Red in Autumn?

The red pigments in the leaves protect the plants from insects and harmful sunlight by allowing the trees to change color in autumn. You can often see that some trees turn orange and some turn yellow at the end of summer. Some trees take a red color. Of course, these colors have some meanings.

Everything that happens in nature depends on the cause. Based on this, scientists researching leaves have also reached certain conclusions. Leaves that are green most of the year produce food by taking sunlight. They break down this nutrient they collect in autumn and consume them. When the leaves turn red, these nutrients also reach the roots. Besides, the color change ensures that the collected nutrients are protected from sunlight.

Which Trees Are Red in Autumn ?

When choosing plants for your garden, you can choose from species that change color according to the season. So you can easily catch a different revel. It shouldn’t be forgotten that these trees, which are both aesthetically impressive, also protect themselves from insects with color change.

Some trees which are red in autumn, are shown;

Christmas berry grows up to 2 meters and other trees up to 5-6 meters. All of these plants also grow in most soil types quickly. They are generally preferred as ornamental plants. They can be planted alone or a few trees can live together. The leaves turn red in autumn give peace with the beauty of their colors.

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