The Joy of Growing Party Time Plant: A Beginner’s Guide

As the name suggests, the party time plant is a true showstopper with rich green foliage and red to pink variegated leaves. It is a showpiece you can use to beautify your home, placed on a hanging basket or a fashionably designed plant pot. Since it is known to originate from the tropical region, we can provide good care for the plant with its origin in consideration.

It is one of the most colorful, sun-loving plants you can grow in your indoor or outdoor garden. Now, if you want to add some color and life to your garden with the party time plant, we will show you how to plant and care for this plant.

How to Plant the Party Time Plant

Alternanthera ficoidea

You can use seed or cutting to plant the party plant, and your plant will thrive properly. Seeds of the party time plant are challenging to come by for the flower only once in a lifetime.

Growing Your Party Time Plant Using Seeds

But in case you find yourself lucky to come across the seeds, you can plant using seeds with the following guide:

  • Source for a well-drained soil that you will use on the nursery tray. Fill the tray with the potting mix.
  • Divide the tray into cells and place two seeds in each cell.
  • Press the seeds gently into the soil.
  • Ensure to place the tray in a warm place.
  • Sprinkle water on the soil to keep it moist.
  • Don’t overwater to prevent the seed from rotting.
  • In two months, your seed will start germinating.

Growing Your Party Time Plant Using Cuttings

Since seeds are not easy to come by, stem cutting is the standard method to propagate the party time plant.

  • Get a healthy and mature plant, then cut off a stem at least 3 inches.
  • Remove leaves close to the base of the cutting,
  • Immerse the base of the cutting in water.
  • Place the jar in a sunny place and change the water regularly.
  • Wait for the root to appear.
  • Then transfer to a soil mixture suitable for the party time plant.
  • Water the soil and keep it moist. Be careful not to overwater and soak the soil.
  • Please wait until the plant has fully formed before taking it to its permanent planting site.

Caring for the Party Time Plant

Party Time Plant

Now that you have seceded in finding a way to grow your party-time plant, you will have to focus on taking care of the plant. Since we know its originating environment, we can use that to find the best conditions to care for the plant.

Soil Requirement for the Party Time Plant

Since the plant does not like being soaked in water, get a well-drained soil mix to grow your plant. You can add perlite to improve the drainage or use a pot with drain holes to allow water to drain out.

Watering the Party Time Plant

I will recommend deep watering when it comes to the party time plant. The plant is a water-loving plant, but you should be careful not to soak the root of the plant, which is why you get well-drained soil.

Before you water the plant, ensure it is dry to your knuckles when you insert your fingers in the soil. Then when you have confirmed that it is dry, you can start watering the plant.

Applying Fertilizers for Party Time Plant

The party time plant needs rich soil to thrive, and you should apply fertilizers if you use ordinary soil. Some gardeners tend to treat their soil before planting, and there will be no need to apply fertilizers.

Otherwise, you can use appropriate houseplant fertilizers to improve your plant. You should fertilize the plant at least once a week to improve the growth of the party time plant.

Protecting the Party Time Plant from Frost

Party-time plants are not frost-resistant; you must find ways to protect them from frost during winter. Now, if you are grooming the plant outdoors during the winter, it will be best to cover the soil with mulch. The mulch will protect the plant from the cold and frost during the winter.

Always take the plant inside before the first frost for your indoor party time plant. Ensure that the plant gets adequate light and warmth during the winter when placed indoors. Take note of reducing the potency of the fertilizers; if not, the chemicals can burn the plant.

Repotting the Party Time Plant

If you are growing your party time plant on a container, you must report it at least twice in its lifetime. Check if the plant root is growing beyond the pot or if it has become leggy or root-bound, then repot with fresher soil.

Pest and Diseases Control

The party time plant is affected by common houseplant pests such as mealy bugs, spider mites, aphids, whiteflies, slugs, and caterpillars. They can easily be treated with insecticides or use homemade soap and water to scatter them and destroy their homes. At the same time, you can easily handpick slugs present on the leaves.

The common diseases affecting the plant are fungal-related, such as rust, root rot, mildew, and leaf spot. A fungicide will be enough to solve these problems and avoid overwatering the soil.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to prune the plant?

You may only prune the party time plant when you want to remove dead parts, and removing dead parts will improve the look and make room for new growth.

Is the party time plant poisonous?

They are not poisonous, and no such cases have been reported related to humans and pets.

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