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Hey There!

Welcome to Self Gardener. I’m Emmanuel, a small-time gardener and plant lover.

I wanted to start this with a question, but I realized that not everyone would have been through the same thing I had, so I’m just going to tell my story directly. 

My love for plants started a couple of years ago when I lost my job. I tried for so long to get a new one, but when nothing worked, I fell into a horrible bout of depression, and it seemed like everything was coming to an end. 

My therapist suggested finding a new hobby. 

That was when I found gardening.

I was never big on plants or gardening in general, so the beginning was a bit tough. But as time went on, I got the hang of it, and having a sense of responsibility gave me something to look forward to. 

Before I knew it, I got better, my plants grew, so I thought, why not share my knowledge with you guys? Everything from how to grow your plants, the best type to get, and the simplest ways to care for them have been answered in this blog. 

mint plant
Mint plant ready to be transplanted

I’ve spent a long time working on and growing my own garden. I know how these plants work and how to restore life to them!

Welcome to the Self Gardener community. I hope you find what you’re looking for!

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