20 Companion Plants for a Successful Rosemary Crop

Rosemary is a herbal evergreen shrub commonly known as Salvia rosmarinus, with fragrant flowers of purple, blue, and white colours. As a part of the mint family, its leaves are used as flavours in food preparations.

Rosemary Companion Planting

Companion planting is a strategic approach to farming; it involves using one plant to complement the other for nutrients, protection from pests, and other reason. In the following lines, we’ll see 20 plants you can combine with Rosemaries.

1.  Lavender


You can almost term lavender as the twin sister of Rosemary. Rosemary and lavender grow under similar conditions. Both plants need identical sunlight and watering requirements, so combining them in the same land space will give you double the same amount of effort. Then having them in the same space also calls the attention of many pollinating insects because they are flowering plants.

2.  Sage


Sage stands to benefit hugely from being planted around rosemaries. Some research has shown that the presence of Rosemaries dramatically improves sage’s flavor. The overall health of sage can be significantly boosted just by having Rosemary around it. The best part is that they both grow under similar conditions.

3.  Oregano


Both oregano and Rosemary complement one another in the garden space. They, therefore, make a good pair for companionship. But that is not the only reason why these plants are good together; oregano can form a layer of shade above the ground surface, deterring the growth of weeds and unwanted plants in the rosemary plantation. This reduces the risk of nutrient competition.

4.  Thyme


Both thyme and Rosemary are pest repellents. With each repelling an array of pests that differ from the other, you can be assured of a continuously protected garden space. What’s more, thyme and Rosemary grow under similar conditions.

5.  Alyssum


The flowers of alyssum attract beneficial insects, such as pollinators, to the rosemary garden space. The Rosemary, in turn, protects the garden space by repelling pests. These two plant pairs, therefore, make a good combination in the garden space because they complement each other.

6.  Marjoram


The presence of marjoram will greatly benefit Rosemary because marjoram can improve the growth and taste of Rosemaries. Generally, the health of Rosemary can be improved just by planting it around the marjoram.

7.  Chives


If you want better-flavored rosemary, plant chives around it. Chives improve the flavor of Rosemaries just as they do to almost all plants around them, but much more than a better flavor, chives are pest repellent, and some of the pests that disturb the growth of Rosemary cannot stand the presence of chives.

8.  Strawberry


The presence of strawberries will improve Rosemary’s fertility, as will Rosemary do to strawberries. Strawberry, because of its enjoyable flavor, influences Rosemary with this flavor. So you get more flavored rosemary when planted around strawberries. Rosemaries will also repel some of the best that disturb strawberries. That is why both plants are good companions for each other.

9.  Cabbage


Cabbage moths are the dread of cabbage farmers. But what can you do when you have cabbage on your farm? Plant rosemary around a cabbage. Rosemary is repellent to many pests, among which cabbage moths are one. The presence of Rosemaries better protects your cabbage.

10.  Marigold


Marigold is an excellent best repellent, just as Rosemary also is. Having the two plants within your garden space will provide better protection for plants within the garden space. Marigolds have been known to do very well when planted around Rosemaries, so try that duo today.

11.  Broccoli


Broccoli is a part of the brassica plant family. Plants in this family are known to attract pests such as cabbage moths and root maggots. Planting broccoli around Rosemary will deter pests of broccoli, providing a natural solution to a pest infestation of the broccoli farm.

12.  Carrots


Carrot flies, although named after carrots, are dreadful for carrot farms; they are disastrous, but not to worry, planting rosemary close to your carrots will repel the presence of carrot flies, thereby keeping your carrot farm safe. Carrots return the favor by providing a good supply of nutrients for Rosemaries to grow well within the soil.

13.  Onions


Bugs are the problem of Rosemaries, and onions are the natural solution to bugs. When you plant onions and Rosemaries in the same land area, the Rosemary is protected from bugs, and the onion is also protected from its pests.

14.  Beans


In the somewhat mysterious world of the scientific, beans are known to fix nitrogen into the soil for the use of other plants. Beans are what you would generally term a selfless plant because while they help other plants, they cannot protect themselves from their pests. Rosemary, however, offers Beans protection, especially from one of its most terrific pests: bean beetles.

15.  Parsnips


Carrot flies are terrific pests of parsnips, but Rosemaries are upstanding soldiers of carrot flies. So, combining Rosemaries and parsnips in the same planting space will keep the parsnips as safe as ever from carrot flies and other pests of this plant.

16.  Jalapeno


The primary reason to consider planting jalapeno around Rosemary is a better flavor. Rosemaries’ presence will improve pepper plants’ flavor generally, including jalapenos.

17.  Cauliflower


The presence of Rosemary will repel several pests in any garden space. But its presence, particularly around cauliflower, will ensure you have a better-protected cauliflower plantation.

18.  Kale


When kale is planted as a companion plant of Rosemary, it stands to gain more from the relationship as many pests of the kale are repelled by Rosemary.

19.  Turnips


Turnips are another one of the plants in the brassica plant family. Rosemary is generally protective of turnips as it can repel the natural pests of turnips without any compensation from the turnip back to the Rosemary.

20.  Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts will enjoy protection from pests just by the presence of Rosemaries. That’s why both plants make good companions.

Precautionary Measures For Using Rosemary Companion Plants

Rosemary goes along well with many plants, but you should keep a few plants out of the list of companion options for Rosemaries. 

What not to Grow with Rosemaries

Tomatoes, pumpkins, Cucumber, and potatoes generally don’t do well around Rosemaries. Hence, avoid planting any of these crops around your Rosemary garden.

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