Money Tree Leaf Curl: 4 Common Causes and Solutions

Just as its name sounds, the money tree (Pachira Aquatica) has an intriguing and lengthy history, and it is a hardy plant in Asia. Money tree plant is a unique plant, they like being root bound because they love being in a small pot, but this should not happen all the time. 

Enormous star-shaped leaves and a knotted trunk on the pet-friendly, air-purifying money tree offer your house a comfortable appearance. According to some reports, the money tree may help treat sleeping issues and reduce tension and anxiety.

Why It Is Quick-Growing And Simple To Maintain

Money plants prefer well-drained soil, and can tolerate some partial shade, and prefers bright light as they grow towards the sun—but not direct sunlight. Down to freezing, money tree plants can withstand any temperature, and money plants might start to bloom if you keep your room at a cool temperature.

What Causes Money Tree Curling?

If you don’t provide the conditions the money tree (Pachira Aquatica) needs to grow, its leaves may curl. It could be the result of one problem or several problems.

Your plant is likely dealing with particular issues if your leaves curl inwards or outwards.

Dry soil, excess sunlight, and over-fertilizer can lead to money tree leave curling. Maintain a temperature of 65 to 80 degrees, ensure a bit more humidity, and allow the light to shine through to solve the issue. To eliminate the typical pests that cause leaves to curl, use a copper-based fungicide and neem oil on your money tree plant.

  • Lack Of Water

The Leaves Curl Inward Due to Underwatering, As the roots dry up the leaf folds inward to slow the plant’s water evaporation rate when there is insufficient water in the leaf cells. 

  • Poor Nutrition

Nutrition right after the part on overwatering since too much water prevents plants from absorbing calcium minerals from the soil.

Since calcium is essential for synthesizing new tissues, the plant cannot grow without it. Fertilization can help in this situation to avoid using too much fertilizer.

  • Overfeeding With Fertilizer

It involves more than just fertilizing the soil. Smaller plants require less fertilizer, so keep that in mind. To maintain the rate of growth of a little Money Tree, you must fertilize it periodically.

However, you need to apply fertilizer in smaller amounts or dilute it more, and you risk burning the plant’s roots if the fertilizer is too dense.

Another issue that might result from over-fertilization is a sudden increase in plant size that the root system cannot support.

  • Pests Infestation

Insects of the money tree include fungi, mealybugs, and aphids. They adore building nests in the ground and subsisting entirely on the plant’s juices.

This may cause the leaves to curl, wilt, and droop. In addition, it might cause the leaf to develop holes, which, as we all know, look awful.

By spraying your plant, you might encourage fungus as both the Tree and fungi need moist surroundings.

How To Care For Your Money Tree 

There are various things you could do to improve the health of your money tree plant, and here are some of them;

  • Place your money tree where it 

Will receive indirect light. Any area with ample lighting and little direct sunshine will do. If the windows in your money tree receive daily direct sunlight, keep them away from them. Your money tree may die if its leaves are scorched by direct sunshine so place your money tree plant where it will receive indirect light. If the windows in your money tree receive direct daily sun, keep them away from them. Your money tree may die if its leaves are scorched by direct sunlight.

  • Away from harsh heat and cold, 

Keep your money tree. Extreme temperatures have the potential to shock and kill your money tree. A location away from vents for the air conditioner and heater is ideal for your money tree. If a cold draft frequently enters the room where your money tree is, keep it away from windows and doors. A temperature range of 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit (16 to 24 degrees Celsius) is ideal for your money tree.

  • A location with a minimum of  

 For them to survive, there must be a lot of moisture. Place a humidifier close to your money tree if you reside in a dry environment and are concerned about the air’s low humidity levels. Get a humidity monitor to check the humidity levels in the room where your Tree is located.

  • If your money tree appears to be 

Dry, increase the humidity levels in the area. Your money tree needs more humidity, as evidenced by dry, dropping leaves. If you currently have a humidifier installed, start to leave it on for more extended periods or purchase a second humidifier. Please ensure no heat vents near your money tree because they can cause the air to dry out.

  • More watering the money tree 

Won’t solve the dryness issue and might also make things worse by producing root rot or yellowing of the foliage on the Tree.

How To Fix Money Tree Leaves Curling?

Watering your plant right away is a simple option. The leaves already beginning to suffocate may not be salvageable, but you can do wonders for the remaining greenery.

As an amino acid is responsible for protein, you should offer your plant some amino acid supplements to assist it in absorbing the additional nitrogen. Overwatering can cause root rots, which can cause leaves to curl. Because of this, you should only water the plant when needed.

After watering, check to see that the top of the soil is completely dry because leaving the soil wet for a long time is very damaging. Also, remember to make small holes at the bottom of the pots, you may have to apply fungicidal sprays on the fungus to get rid of it.

Once in a while, you should check your plant, and if you spot any pests, organic neem can take care of the issue as pests could harm the plant and also its leaves if neglected for a longer length of time.

The money tree plant is a sporadic type that requires just the appropriate amount of each element, good care, and attention to flourish and thrive.

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